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As Mark Twain once said, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” Because we understand it requires greater thought and work, we appreciate business plans that present a lot of information clearly in as few words as possible. In addition to written business plans, we also encourage you to submit a video presentation so we can get a personal feel for your vision and passion.

We would ask that you address the following categories of information in your business plan:
Company strategy. Define your business and vision in one or two sentences.
Problem. Describe the problem your potential customers are facing, and what options they currently have available.
Solution. Describe your company’s value proposition to simplify and improve the lives of your customers.
Market Opportunity. Identify/profile the customers you serve, including the potential size of your target market, margins, historical evolution of your segment, recent trends, and any early mover advantages you see.
Business Model and Product(s). Describe your revenue model, any sales to date, average account size, customer/pipeline list, distribution model, branding status, product line-up, product development roadmap, and intellectual property landscape (feel free to exclude any items not currently relevant to your business).
a competitive advantage.
Management Team. Describe backgrounds of founders, any key members of management, board of directors and/or board of advisors.
Financials. Income Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Capitalization Table (current shareholders and capital invested to date), as relevant.